WELCOME! To Practical Lunacy! That's the name of the show, and it's quite frankly, the best way to describe it. The hosts of Practical Lunacy like to talk about politics and religion (We know, you're not supposed to talk about those things in public, but oh well!). We also talk about all other kinds of current events and all different types of news from around the world. We go off on tangents and talk about anything that catches our fancy at the moment. But in general, the more politically incorrect, the better! If you get offended easily, then go away; we wouldn't want to be responsible for your having a spaz attack over what we say and do on air (in other words, it's REALLY NOT the show for you!).

Now, shall we talk about the show just a little bit?:

Practical Lunacy is Internet Radio. This makes it different than anything you're going to hear when you turn on your radio at home or in your car. For one, it's ALWAYS live. It's never pre-recorded. If we can't be there to do a show, there is no show that night; simple as that. We encourage our listeners to take full advantage of that by interacting with the show as much as possible. There's a few different ways to do that, and they are all described on this website. Another thing is that we are not regulated by the FCC, which means that we can say anything we want. The hosts can, and often do, curse... A lot. We take great pride and full advantage of having our show live and on the internet and we hope you will as well.

Practical Lunacy is the Brain Child of it's main host, Luna. In fact, it's named partially for her (LUNAcy). It's also named as a play on words. Luna got into internet talk radio through another show she used to listen to and decided that she really wanted to try it on her own. Practical Lunacy is in Generation 7 (8? Oh gods, I've lost count!) now, and has changed in a lot of ways. What does remain the same is Luna and her passion for the show. Luna and everyone else involved with the show hope that you will enjoy it as much as we enjoy bringing to you; and if you do, tell all your friends about us!

Practical Lunacy is broadcast only on the internet, right here from this site every Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday from 9-11pm eastern.